University Registry

The University Registry is headed by the Registrar who is the Chief Administrative Officer of the University. The Registry is the nerve centre of the institution and the rallying point where all administrative activities of the institution take place. The Registry as the administrative hub of the University serves the operational goals and objectives of the University as enshrined in the law establishing the University.

The success of any administration, in achieving its visions and objectives, depends on the effectiveness of the Registry in performing its roles and functions. Every organ or section of the University requires the presence of Registry staff to be able to function optimally in the coordination of its administrative duties.

 For smooth and effective administration, the University Registry is divided into various Divisions which are headed by Deputy Registrars and Units which are also headed by Senior Administrative Officers. The Major Divisions of the Registry are:

Office of the Registrar

The Office of the Registrar performs the following functions effectively amongst others:

  1. Coordinating all administrative activities of the University;
  2. Guiding the Governing Council and Management on the formulation of policies to enhance the day to day running of the University;
  3. Interpreting University Laws, Regulations and Statutes;
  4. handling official correspondences (internal and external) of routine nature;
  5. coordinating all activities of Divisions in the Registry;
  6. Ensuring robust inter-institution and inter-government relations and contacts;
  7. Implementing decisions taken by the University authorities;
  8. Ensuring maintenance of order and ethical standards in the University community;
  9. Holding the legal seal of the University;
  10. Attending to routine official matters; and
  11. Performing any other duty that may be assigned from time to time by the Governing Council, Senate, Management, and Vice-Chancellor.

A Senior Administrative Officer in the rank of a Principal Assistant Registrar who  also functions in the capacity of a Personal Assistant/Chief of Staff to the Registrar assists in the coordination of administrative activities of the Registrar’s Office.

Division of Council Affairs

The Division of Council Affairs is the Secretariat of the University Governing Council. The Division assists the Registrar in his functions as the Secretary of the Governing Council and thus in charge of all Council-related matters.

Division of General Administration

The Division of General Administration is responsible for the:

  1. General cleanliness of the University;
  2. Maintenance of the cordial relationship between the University and its immediate environment;
  3. Registration of associations in the University;
  4. Deployment and welfare of Corps members (NYSC) posted to the University; and
  5. Preparation of venue for University ceremonies and other sundry duties that may be assigned by the Registrar

Division of Examinations and Records

The Division of Examinations and Records assists the Registrar in his functions as Secretary to the University Senate. The Division is responsible for all matters relating to the conduct of all University examinations and students’ certification and a custodian of students’ academic records.

Division of Admissions and Statistics

The Division of Admissions and Statistics also assists the Registrar in his functions as Secretary to the University Senate on admission matters. The Division is responsible for the processing of regular undergraduate admissions in collaboration with the Joint AdmissionsMatriculation Board (JAMB).

The Statistics Unit of the Division is responsible for the collection, collation, and analysis of statistical data on admissions.

Division of External Linkages

The Division of External Linkages, as the name implies, provides and maintains external linkages for the University. It also ensures proper linkage and good working relationships between the University and government intervention agencies and endowment/donor agencies.

Division of Legal Matters

The University deals with individuals and corporate organizations on regular basis and this requires application of extant rules and regulations. Hence, the relevance of this Division to the operations of the University. The Division handles all legal matters and gives appropriate legal advice on a broad range of issues.

Personnel Affairs

Personnel Affairs deals with all matters relating to members of staff. It is responsible for the appointment, promotion, discipline, training, and development of staff. It is the point of entry into and exit from the University for all members of staff. It facilitates the administrative duties of the Registrar in the treatment and processing of mails as well as interpretation of University rules and regulations on personnel matters. The Divisions that makeup Personnel Affairs are:

  • Academic Staff Establishment
    This Division handles personnel matters relating to Academic staff.
  • Administrative and Technical Staff Establishment
    This Division handles personnel matters relating to Senior Administrative and Technical staff.
  • Junior Staff Establishment
    This Division handles personnel matters relating to junior staff
  • Staff Welfare and Personnel Records
    This Division handles issues relating to all members of staff in terms of withdrawal/transfer of service, leave matters, disengagement, and pensions matters amongst others. It is the custodian of all personnel records and thus in charge of the Confidential Registry of the University.
  • Human Resources Development
    This Division handles all issues relating to training and development of all members of staff.

Other Administrative Divisions/Units

There are other administrative divisions/units of the Registry within Non-Academic and Academic Directorates/Departments for effective coordination of their administrative duties. The roles of the Registry staff are determined by the aims and objectives of such Directorates/Department/Divisions/Units.